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Tutorial Draft Dodger with Minky Cuddle fabric

Well I have really enjoyed having this minky fabric in the shoppe and have made a few fun things with it! I think it is so easy to use!  I used it to make this draft stopper for my front and side door in our entryway. I think it is the perfect fabric for this project and you can whip this together in under an hour.

Materials needed:

1/4 yard of x2

thread, sewing machine


First you need to cut two pieces of fabric 5 or 6 inches wide depending on how large you would like your item. I wanted mine pretty thick. This type of fabric leaves some fuzz when you cut it but a lint roller picks it all up nicely!

Place your two pieces right sides together. Then I cut the ends off to the length of my door plus 1 inch.

I like to use a bunch of pins when sewing with the minky. I have never had a problem with any slipping this way. So pin all the way around the seams. Then sew all around your edges. I used a zig zag stitch that was fairly wide since the rice is going to be quite heavy!



Leave a small opening and turn inside out.


Fill with rice. We got this huge bag at Sams for very cheap. You could use sand but i thought this would be the easiest and we had rice left over to eat:)

Sew small hole together and then enjoy your draft free entryway!



Get your minky fabric in the shoppe today!


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